Come work at Camp Iskra

  • if you are a native English, German, Spanish, French or Chinese speaker or speak these languages fluently
  • if you love children and can teach them something, anything – languages or practical skills
  • if you want to experience Russian culture and get to know Russian people
  • if you want to spend an unforgettable time in Russian nature, on the bank of the Mologa river, in sweet pure air of pine woods
  • if you want to enrich your life and see what Russia is like with your own eyes, not through mass media or gossip

Our volunteers share a house with campers and live in a separate room (wooden houses with glazed windows, bathrooms, heating). They have five meals a day (can be vegetarian if necessary) in a big dining hall. Volunteers teach campers languages and / or practical skills (arts and craft, fitness and sport activities, photography, style, psychology, etc.) before lunch and take part in all-camp activities after a two-hour nap. Schedules may vary but volunteers always have free time during the day and in the evening. 

The volunteer team has an assistant that helps them with all questions and problems throughout the day. Camp Iskra has a bathhouse with showers and a laundry room. 

Iskra is a summer camp with three sessions:

Session 1 – June 21 – July 11 (English programme)
Session 2 – July 14 – Aug 3 (English programme)
Session 3 – Aug 6 – Aug 26 (health and sports programme)

It is preferable that volunteers work for more than one session but we consider other options as well.
Volunteers pay their travel and visa expenses. Transfer from St. Petersburg airport is provided by the camp.


About Camp Iskra

Welcome to Camp Iskra, City of Happy Childhood! It is located in a picturesque place on the bank of the River Mologa, 100 km from Cherepovets and 200 km from Vologda in Vologda oblast. The area of the camp is 74 acres. Pine woods are full of pure sweet air which helps children recover their strength and get ready for the next school year. Beautiful nature and a clean river make the vacation unforgettable.

In Iskra, campers live in 10 cozy, heated wooden houses for 35 people with teachers and counselors. Every house has its own name: Sunny, Forest, Star, Athletic, Magical, Sea, Rainbow, Emerald, Creative and Friendly Houses. Senior campers share a room for 4-5 people; junior campers share a room for 8 people. There are bathrooms, wash-stands, foot basins for boys and girls, drying racks, baggage rooms and drinking fountains in each house. Hot and cold water runs 24 hours a day. House cleaners clean houses and rooms every day. All campers have their own bedside table and cabinet. Shower rooms for boys and girls are in a separate bathhouse.

Full board meal plan for five meals a day is an important part of a good vacation. Campers have meat, fish, dairy products, homemade pastries, fruits and vegetables, juices and confectionery.

The camp program includes a great number of entertaining and sport events, as well as studios and workshops.In summer 2015 Camp Iskra had the following studios and workshops:

Dance, music, circus, arts and crafts, cooking classes, driving school, regional studies, karaoke, ceramics, origami, sport studios: basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis, lapta, baseball, wall climbing, shooting range.


Contact us: , (Director of the English programme)